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By guest, Aug 8 2014 06:00PM

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Nov 24 2015 09:30PM by Bruce & Nancy Fikes

Thanks to Siri we found Grandpa's Plumbing when we had plumbing problems one morning. Martin was here by 8:00 am, listen very patiently and explained as he worked. They recommended a great Septic company, all very knowledgable. Also provided an ADA toilet and installed, when I worried about all the details of the new one, Debbie explained and assured me, I would be pleasured because they have tested them before recommending. We love it and so will our parents. Made us dig the septic up, no just kidding. He would have done anything, but saved us the money, great service, will highly recommend Grandpa's Plumbing.

Jan 14 2016 03:28PM by P J Standard

Had Grandpa's Plumbing for 3 different issues.
Great People, Great Service, Great Pricing

Mar 1 2016 06:55PM by TR Sawyer

I needed some work done on my house water manifold. Martin, aka Grandpa, came the next day after we called and found the problem right away and fixed it on the spot--It was something I had been putting off because I thought it was a monumental problem--turns out it was an easy fix. He could have made it look difficult and charged me accordingly, but he didn't! I recommend Grandpa's Plumbing to anyone needing fast, efficient and fair service. Thank you Martin!!

Mar 19 2016 11:26AM by L. Ross

I have lived in Bulverde many years and have used repair contractors from all around the area, few of which I would recommend to my family and friends. My experience with Martin was different ! I had a big plumbing problem, he took care of it in very professional way and did not try to make his fortune off of me. Stop being disappointed, call Grandpa's Plumbing. But please don't call on the day when I will need him again.

Mar 30 2016 12:41AM by Shirley

If major stopped up kitchen sinks can be pleasant, Grandpa's Plumbing did it! From the call to the office until completion this was a good experience.

Martin and Rick came in the door and put covers over their shoes so they did not get the floors dirty. They repaired the leak under the sink and then proceeded to unstopped the lines. Everything was done efficiently and professionally and the problem was resolved and the cost was very reasonable.

I highly recommend Grandpa's Plumbing.

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